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I am a creative, deadline-driven, detail Oriented account manager . I am highly proficient in Final Cut Pro, linear & non-linear editing, web development, able to manage all aspects of Amazon-seller central including sourcing products and finding the best logistical route and a marketing specialist. I have a very creative mindset which helps me produce standout content different to anyone else thus more eyes on your product/content



English (Native)
Hindi (Fluent Spoken)
Urdu (Fluent Spoken)
Bengali (Fluent Spoken)
Arabic (Intermediate Written & Spoken)




HKouture -  Video/Photo Editing, Marketing 

Writing/understanding the script to implement the vision
Video Production
Video Editing 
Photo Editing (Thumbnails and Instagram)
Managing Social Media Accounts (Ensuring all content is posted at prime time)
Marketing (Sending emails for co-labs)

Creating her Website for her products

Collaborated with a Team of 3 and created different ad campaigns to bring traffic to her instagram and website. This ultimately bought over 200,000 new users to her website and got her over 40,000 active instagram followers, which would increase to over 150,000 active followers by 2020


Rashed Belhasa - Lead Videographer

Assisting Script Writing (When Required)
Assisting Video Production (When Required)
Transferring/Ordering/Cutting Footage
Aspect Ratio
Syncing Audio
B-roll Footage
VFX  (When Required)
Color Grading


Gecko Home Cinema- Photography

Set up and test equipment prior to start of the event to ensure everything is in good working condition. 
Consulting with the client to determine project goals and certain criteria to achieve.
Performing maintenance checks to ensure everything is working. 
Alter lighting, aperture, shutter speed and adjust subjects and equipment accordingly to achieve client's desired effect. 
Send pictures to clients and respective images to customers if instructed
Supervise events and promoters to ensure everything is going productively 


666 LTD- Amazon Seller Central Manager 
  • Complete ownership and accountability of our Amazon Account

  • Listing creation: Working closely with sales teams to ensure timely listing of new products and migration of existing SKU’s onto amazon.

  • Continuously oversee and optimise product listings using strong knowledge of keyword research, Amazon algorithms and product search rankings to ensure maximum exposure of our products.

  • Description and content creation for product listings

  • Full management of all FBA shipments and stock replenishment.

  • Manage Amazon brand registry, create A+ content and store design.

  • Conduct competitor analysis to identify new growth and high margin SKU’s to stock.

  • Create and manage advertising campaigns via Amazon Advertising console (AMS) . Creation, optimisation and management of Sponsored Products and brands.

  • Work alongside existing team members to grow, launch and maintain our new brands on Amazon.

  • Inventory management & replenishment coordination with buying and sales team.

  • Monitor the accounts’ health and performance metrics and implement strategies to ensure account health is kept pristine.

  • Raising cases with Amazon Seller Support to resolve pinch points

  • Summarised and detailed reporting of key campaign strategy, activity, and optimisations across all Amazon marketplaces

  • Reported directly to the company directors.

  • Creating Video Ads for Amazon PPC, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Instagram & Facebook.

  • Sponsored brands and Ads.

  • Product Photography & Videography.

  • Creating Graphic Designs for labels etc.

  • Knowledge about sourcing products internationally.

  • Use of AliBaba for product sourcing 



North American International School 


Middlesex University Dubai  (Marketing) 
University of Reading ( Bachelor of Arts in Film)


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